Day 1 – The diet begins

BMI: 32.55

With a sad, life-changing event happening in the form of being made redundant, I thought it could be a good idea to start a weight-loss / diet blog thing. Hopefully, this will stop me from going mental and eating all the things whilst I try to perk myself up enough to move swiftly into more work.

The funny thing about appetite is that it doesn’t just change because you become less mobile. It is still there at the same level. When I became less mobile due to back pain and foot shenanigans, I pretty much ate the same stuff. Now that I have had a couple of foot operations and my back pain is somewhat more stable or at least enough that I could take up more exercise, I had stabilised, but stabilised on the podgy side.

It’s about time I concentrated more on losing a little weight anyway. The reasons are mostly so that doctors take me seriously about things like my back. Right now, as I’m fat they simply see that as the easy cause of the pain, but I’ve had issues with that since I was a small child. In other words, the pain was caused by my gait which reduced my mobility, which led to weight-gain, rather than the weight gain causing the pain.

BMI 32.55

I’ll be using Wii Fit Plus to help me keep track of things, and as expected, it told me I’d gained a bunch of weight since last time, so I’ve set a goal in it for 3 months of weight loss to get me out of the obese bracket. I also need to be more serious about flexibility exercises, but general exercise I think I’m doing quite well, as I do cycle 4 miles every day. But I need to do more stretches and yoga style stuff as well as that. And that should help with all the secondary issues I have like shoulder pain.