Day 27 – New job found

BMI: 32.29

So I have found a new job and the diet is going, well, it’s a little up and down, but mostly down from the initial, and I certainly feel a bit better.

Weirdly, the job is literally upstairs from where I was, so aside from the extra steps, my routine will likely be the same. Which is a positive both in terms of health and keeping up with the exercise, and also not being so stressed out that my butt falls off.

Going to keep this short as I’ve posted some other stuff and well, I need to do a more up-to-date entry and see how my weight has been. Hopefully new job anxiety has at least served the positive of making me too nervous to eat. On the other hand, compared to what I was doing during my notice period, I don’t think anything can be as bad stress-wise.

I hope I’m right about that.

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