General Election 2k17

My usual advice is to vote, just vote for whoever you like, but please vote.

This time, vote Labour. Even if it rains.

People often criticise politicians for ignoring the public, and being samey. Honestly, it’s a valid criticism. But this time, we have a party who is actually championing ideas that have widespread public support that are usually considered political suicide, and they’re gaining voter share because of it.

And let that sink in. Ideas which have widespread, often majority support are considered politically toxic and make you ‘unelectable’. That’s the sign of a broken political system. Re-nationalising the train service and scrapping tuition fees are two examples that resonate strongly with the public with majority support, and yet to get a party that would push for it, you had to ignore the two biggest parties. That’s no longer true and needs support.

Voter share will make these mainstream ideas… politically mainstream.

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