Moving to Amazon Web Services

Decided to move the couple of websites we run from traditional web hosting to the cloud.

Partially, just because I felt it was time to move on rather than specific hosting issues, but the actual catalyst was not being able to add videos to the WordPress “Twenty Seventeen” theme. I’m sure the fine hosting provider people would have got it working had I asked, but I wanted to be able to do something about it myself. Turns out there was more of an advantage, after trialling a couple of different cloud service providers, Amazon seemed to have the most generous provision for its free tier. The idea was to test it out, see how it worked, and then purchase a plan, but most of the cloud services offer a pay for what you use. This put me off at first, just because it’s not what I’m used to, but makes more sense as why should you pay for a service you aren’t using?

Amazon offers virtual machines that have an insanely generous 1gb of memory and a single core of a Xeon E5-2676 @ 2.4ghz for free.

After transition, which wasn’t entirely without pain – I ended up learning a lot more about the minutiae of DNS and Email than I really wanted to, turns out the free tier is probably enough for my meagre needs. Not only that, but the image I used from the marketplace has resulted in a site that loads faster.

So I’m moving from a hosting service which is slower, costs money, uses old versions of php and friends, has no nginx, and occasionally goes down or goes really very slow to an improved service that’s free and lets me run whatever I want. And even if I eventually trip the free tier and get charged, it’s only going to charge me for what I use.

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