Now Playing: Forza Horizon 4

Finally, a driving game set in my home country.


I was actually expecting more of a The Crew style affair with the ability to traverse a scale version of the whole country taking slightly under an hour to cross the whole thing. That isn’t what we got in the end with the game being smaller than the last outing (which I haven’t played, this is really my first Forza outside of demos and the free Forza Motorsport 6: Apex). Rather there are four seasons of a squished sampling of Britain with one city (a welcome Edinburgh to the expected London), a few scattered towns and villages, and a great patchwork of fields.

Anyway, the game is super fun unlike the more po-faced serious car collector racers (GT and main Forza games). It’s also weirdly free as you can get it from a free trial of XBox game pass. Saying that I might just buy it when the trial period is up as I’ll likely pop back to the game repeatedly over time. There’s very little else the game pass offers PC users as so few games are available through the game pass on cross-play.

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