Now Playing: Resident Evil 2 (2019)

And now you have to specify the year in the title and getting information for the original is now far more difficult. Odd in this case too, because you have the handy shortcut of Resident Evil 2 REMake.

We did also do the demo, but I made a pretty silly mistake and ended up with doubled sound. Amazing how quickly you can fall out of practice.

Anyway, we’re loving Resident Evil 2 and are recording the whole thing for later release as an LP. So far we’ve completed the game the four times needed to see everything, and the game is great, and a specimen of what a good remake should be, if a touch disappointing in the second run which isn’t as different from the first as the original B run was from A. It’s also a bit too long, but this is just part of the trend for longer more open games in the AAA arena.

Small complaints, and it could have been terrible, but is anything but. The graphics are amazing, the sound design is amazing, especially the alternative soundtrack. The game is compelling, the story fulfilling. I don’t even mind the difficulty, although disabling auto-aim when that is how console games offset the more accurate two-axis controls PC gamers are used to was a bit of a dick move.

I’m sure the Final Fantasy VII remake will be just as impressive… right?

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