Day 9 – Initial Progress

BMI: 32.17

So we are finally showing some sort of consistent progress dropping significantly below the initial BMI. Really, I need to get this below 30 again. Then I’m just overweight instead of obese. On the other hand, BMI isn’t everything, and doesn’t work for certain body-types and musculature. On the other hand, I don’t have one of these body types or musculature.

However, I’m hardly inactive either.

BMI isn’t suitable for everyone, it isn’t massively scientific, and is kinda arbitrary – plenty of very fit people who have a lot of muscle are technically obese. In a sense, using weight and ideal weights alone isn’t any good either. How you look is a pretty good indicator, but can be misleading. I’m sticking with BMI purely because it’s what the NHS uses. Also it was the arbitrary cutting off point the government was considering inflicting on people. The goal is simply steady weight-loss, but getting it under 30 again will be a big achievement.

I also want to keep sight of the reason I did this now, so as not to gain weight after being made redundant. Of course I haven’t done quite as much as I should have, or could have at least, but I think everyone has that. There is no more miserable a time to do your CV and apply for jobs than when you have to. But I have had a promising bit of interest which will likely become a formal job offer, so that’s absolutely fantastic.

Day 3 – Inconsistency

BMI: 32.84

Higher than my first day, but lower than my second. Might sound odd, but this is likely due to doing it at different times of the day – your weight varies considerably depending on a bunch of different factors. Chances are I just didn’t weight as much on the first day at the time of weighing. You’re really supposed to do it as a consistent part of your routine. I doubt it was over-eating at least, whilst I did forget I was on a diet long enough to munch my way through a chocolate egg (which was crap, standard cocoa mix chocolate shell surrounding a weird mousse thing?), but hey, probably burned that off with a walking trip into town and back to try on some contact lenses. Sadly, they were a bit too busy to actually see us due to being short staffed and incredibly busy, but the people there are lovely, so anyway, early Thursday appointment instead. And for dinner, we did get burgers, but then with all the extra walking, it probably worked out fine.

Today, it went much better, no snacks, light dinner, not so heavy tea (or lunch and dinner if you’re less Northern). Felt good about it, especially weighed against the second day. Do need to incorporate into routine though. It will even out quickly and give me a better idea of how I’m doing day to day, as well as making it easier to bolt on other bits of routine, being better organised with exercise.

I was also a bit tempted to do before / after photos, but these always feel tacky and a little fake, but I haven’t decided completely. Most images I’ll be posting will be about visual interest, to look good or to be illustrative, although I guess a blog about weight loss would be illustrated pretty well by having a before shot, right? With the weight not being settled yet, I guess it isn’t an important thing to rush.

We’ll see.